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Non-Surgical Procedures

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Slowing down and potentially stopping the aging process altogether has been a mission that many have sought out to accomplish for centuries. As a way to combat aging until the fountain of youth can be found various non-surgical procedures have been developed with a range of purposes from treating the effects of sun exposure to fixing lines and wrinkles.

Some of the Non-surgical Procedures We Offer Include:


The only FDA approved non-invasive treatment that lifts the skin on your neck, brow and chin. It uses a super focused ultrasound to tighten and lift loose skin without needing a recovery period. It stimulates the body to produce new collagen over time so it can take months to see the full effects. The whole Ultherapy procedure takes about an hour to perform and you can get back to work immediately after having it done. There are very few risks and complications like redness and itching but they go away pretty quickly.


As one of the most popular non-surgical procedures Botox injections are used to treat lines and wrinkles on the face as well as treat excessive underarm sweating. The effects usually last for months, from three to six months when used on the face and longer when used for underarm sweating.

Injectable Fillers

Injectables are most commonly used to fill lines on the face or to help plump lips up. The results normally last several months but can range depending on the type of filler you choose to use. Radiesse is a long lasting filler that can last for a year if maintained well and is mainly used for the treatment of facial fat loss that is a result of illnesses like HIV. Sculptra is another injectable that works by making the body stimulate tissues to build up in the area it is injected.

Chemical Peels

These procedures work to exfoliate the skin and reveal younger, smoother looking skin. Some of the most frequently performed treatments are glycolic acid peels, medium peels that exfoliate the skin more intensely than glycolic acid peels and microdermabrasion which is a gentler form of exfoliation meant to treat minor skin problems like sun damage.

What are the Risks or Potential Complications?

While the risks and complication are not as severe with non-surgical procedures as they are with surgical procedures you still need to be aware of what could potentially happen so you know what to be on the lookout for following your procedure. The risks associated with Ultherapy and Botox injections are redness, swelling, numbness and tingling. With injectable fillers the complications that could occur are acne, bruising, infection, redness and swelling and with chemical peels you could experience scarring, discoloration and infection.

With today’s technological advances you can hold of or forget about having to go under the knife in order to achieve a younger, healthier looking appearance. The fact that the risks and complications are much lower than surgical procedures and can be performed as an outpatient process with almost no downtime is why many are choosing the non-surgical route.

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