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When you are considering face lift cosmetic surgery in San Francisco or Seattle know that Dr. Echavez is well regarded as one of the best cosmetic surgeons Seattle and San Francisco has to offer. He and his staff offer a wide range of services with excellent medical standards.

What facelift procedures can I get?

You may be an appropriate candidate for a number of procedures. These might include Botox, a mini-lift, Sculptra, or a thread lift. Whatever your needs, our clinic will be happy to discuss with you which procedure is in your best interest. The first step is a consultation with Dr. Echavez based in San Francisco and Seattle.

The traditional face lift procedure tightens the skin in the neck, jaw, and lower face; the eye area and the forehead are not altered by this procedure. For typical facelift cosmetic surgery, any pain that the patient may experience afterwards may be alleviated with the use of oral medication. The immediate recovery period for most people who undergo a face lift procedure is one to two weeks.

Results following Botox injection generally last about three to six months. Rarely, the effect may last shorter or longer. Some patients find that over time, the results last longer and longer.

Cosmetic Face lift surgeries: inpatient and outpatient procedures in Fan Francisco and Seattle

Minor surgical procedures can be done in the office. This includes mini-lifts, which are partial facelifts, and Botox injections. More complex procedures, which may require anesthetics, take place in a hospital and may require a short stay. Most procedures that are focused on the face cause little pain afterwards. Many times, a pain reliever alone is sufficient, but a prescription pain medication can be used and is available if needed.

There is no right or wrong adult age to consider having a procedure. Everyone ages differently, and factors such as sun exposure, cigarette smoking and heredity can all have an effect.

Nip or tuck, any procedure will result in a younger-looking you!

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