Blepharoplasty SF: An eyelid surgery for cosmetic results in San Francisco

Blespharoplasty is the medical term for the surgical cosmetic repair or reconstruction of an eyelid. The procedure can be done on either or both the upper and the lower eyelid. There are two main reasons why people get eyelid reconstruction: either because they have baggy lower eyelids and heavy, droopy upper eyelids, or because they have droopy, heavy upper eyelids that hang over the upper eyelashes and effect peripheral vision or cause irritation. Although this is usually a cosmetic procedure, sometimes it can affect your health and wellbeing too.

Is Eyelid Surgery Something You Should Consider?

Whether it is the upper or the lower lid (or both), eyelid surgery in San Francisco to remove excess skin and fat from the eyelid area can improve the condition greatly, creating a much younger look as well as alleviating the problem of oversized lids hanging within the field of vision. Deciding whether this is a type of surgery you would like to have done should depend first and foremost on whether your eyelids are effecting your field of vision or not, and if it is not medically necessary for the treatment to be done, whether you feel the expense and effort to reduce drooping lids is worth it.

For many people it is, as they end up being much happier and more personally satisfied with their appearance, which can have a very positive effect overall on people. Because of the great long-term results of blepharoplasty surgery, most people find it easy to make the decision to have the procedure.

How Blepharoplasty is Done

There are many different eyelid lift procedures that are commonly done, depending on where your biggest trouble spots are, and whether the condition affects upper lids, lower lids or both.

Lower blepharoplasty is the most frequently performed eyelid procedure since it removes and reduces bags under the eyes, which is most patients’ chief complaint. This procedure can be done in a number of ways including transconjunctival blepharoplasty, where an incision is made on the interior of the eyelid and excess tissue and fat is removed, leaving no external, visible scar. Lower lid lift is also done via incision just below the lash line so excess skin can be removed as well.

Upper blepharoplasty is done to correct heavy, drooping eyelids and involves incisions made in the eyelid crease in order to remove excess skin, and the removal of fat and extra tissue in the lids. Often a brow lift will be done in addition to eyelid surgery, especially if the brow is increasing the amount of droop occurring with the upper eyelids.

Laser blepharoplasty is a lower lid procedure done with a surgical laser instead of a scalpel. While there are many surgeons who prefer one versus the other, currently there does not seem to be much of a difference in the end result. This suggests that there are no real benefits to having eyelid surgery done by laser, especially since that route is usually more expensive.

Most types of blepharoplasty in San Francisco are usually done as outpatient procedures in hospitals or other surgical facilities, and are done either with sedation and local anesthetic, or under general anesthesia.

Recovery from an Eyelid Surgery SF

Recovery from eyelid surgery can take a few weeks, and following the dictated aftercare is very important in order to ensure proper healing takes place (and therefore your desired results are achieved). This generally includes pain medication and antibiotics, applying ointments to the surgical sites, using both iced and warm eye pads at specific times, keeping eyes covered with dark glasses to prevent sun and wind damage, and even avoiding bending at the waist or doing any kind of activity that could potentially raise blood pressure.

Post-surgery patients will likely have extensive swelling and bruising around the eyes. This is temporary and will usually fade within a few weeks. External incisions around the eyes will leave slight scars, but these will fade and become very faint after some time, blending in with the normal texture of the skin.

When weighing the benefits versus cost and pain of having an eyelid procedure done, keep your endgame in mind. Although there may be pain and swelling at first, your desired results will come in time and leave you feeling happier, more confident, younger and as beautiful as you imagined.