Ultherapy and You: Getting the Best in San Francisco

Many people hear the word Ulthera and immediately draw a blank. Ultherapy is a procedure that lifts and tightens the face and neck skin without the need for surgery. It uses ultrasound to stimulate the growth of new collagen that resides deep within the skin which leads to the production of new collagen over time. A good candidate for this procedure is someone whose skin looks and feels less firm than it used to be and who have sagging skin on their eyebrows or brow line.

How is Ultherapy Performed?

Like other ultrasound procedures Ulthera Is performed using an applicator that projects an image onto its screen so the surgeon can see exactly what area they are working on and delivers low levels of focused heat to the deepest tissue layer of the skin. Your body responds to the heat by repairing the affected tissue which causes it to produce collagen and elastin which creates healthy, firm skin. Some patients can even see immediate results once the procedure is done and will continue to see the elasticity and appearance of their skin improve over time.

Since Ulthera affects the deepest tissue layer of your skin you will continue to see results over time and it can take anywhere from three to six months to see complete results. There is no downtime when you use Ulthera because the procedure is noninvasive and it will take no more than an hour to perform. While there is some discomfort that has been associated with this procedure in the past, new technological advances have been made to offer a more comfortable experience to patients although people’s comfort levels and reactions may vary like with all procedures.

There is so little downtime associated with Ultherapy that you can return to work right after you have had your procedure. You could suffer from a bit of redness around the area that was treated, but that should go away within a couple of hours. You can also suffer from numbness or bruising, but don’t worry, your surgeon will walk you through the entire procedure explaining the risks prior to your treatment.

What Makes Ultherapy Different From Other Procedures?

Ultherapy is different from other procedures because it is the only skin rejuvenation treatment that uses ultrasound. Although most patients see great results with just one treatment many will return for another treatment for optimum results and as time passes and gravity’s affects return they will come back for treatments to keep their skin looking great.

Because it enables practitioners to direct sound waves into the deep skin and lift and tighten loose skin without the need of cutting the surface of the skin there is no special preparation requirements or recuperation measures needed for Ultherapy. In fact, it is regarded as a great natural approach to improve your skin without the need or use of surgical methods. In an FDA clinical trial nine out of ten patients had a significantly noticeable improvement in their brow line which caused a youthful appearance to their eyes instantly making them look younger.

Ulthera combined with a highly regarded, board-certified surgeon like Dr. Michael Echavez can be a force to be reckoned with. Dr. Echavez performs Ultherapy San Francisco and is an active member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He spends his time at his practice, lecturing to many groups around the country and publishing several medical papers. His goal is to provide high-quality service to his patient before, during and after their procedure and aims to ensure that all of his patients are well taken care of and satisfied.

While Ulthera cannot imitate the results that can result from traditional plastic surgery, Ultherapy is a proven alternative for those who don’t want to take the serious step of having surgery performed.