What Does Voluma Do for You?

Many people want to look and feel younger these days. It’s not only the women. There are men who are feeling older than their years as well. This happens when your facial skin starts to wrinkle and sag with age as facial fatty tissue shrinkage and collagen loss increases. You don’t even have to be very old before you start having these issues. When this happens you have two options. You can accept the lost volume or you can do something about it. That’s why you would want a facial volumizing filler. When you’re considering facial volumizing injections you want to consider Voluma, San Francisco’s Dr. Echavez’s office is the place to get it.

Voluma is a Facial Volume Filler

Though you’ve probably heard of other facial fillers this one may be a stranger to you. Voluma is a somewhat newer facial filler. Instead of fixing lines and wrinkles it solves the problem of sagging skin and lost folume. Voluma is an injectable gel. It is put into your cheeks to increase the volume and fill out the skin. This helps your face appear fuller and younger. Getting rid of that sagging skin will work wonders for taking years off your appearance. It has been proven to last a long time as well. Optimal treatment can provide results for up to 18 months.

Why is Voluma a Preferred Treatment for Lost Volume?

One of the best benefits is how long this treatment lasts. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on treatments. You also won’t be spending so much money. The biggest benefit is the fast results. You will get fuller cheeks almost right away. That means you don’t have to spend a lot and wait even longer. You will be ready to show off your new look right away. The fact that this gel is injectable right in the doctor’s office is great as well. You don’t need to take a lot of time out of your day to get the Voluma injections.

Looking younger can be very difficult. You have several options though. You can spend a lot on lotions and topical treatments such as serums. These often take months or even years to work to their best extent, but cannot add the volume you want. You can also spend money on injectable dermal filler treatments such as Voluma. If you are considering Voluma, San Francisco‘s office of Dr. Echavez has everything you need. We are always ready to provide the Voluma injections treatment and ready to give you great results you want that will last up to eighteen months! There is no longer any reason to wait for a younger looking face. Fill out those cheeks the same way you fill out those wrinkles with other dermal fillers that we offer. Make sure you’re looking as young as you feel.