David T.

Dr. Echavez is friendly, knowledgeable, and does great work. He has a wonderful aesthetic sense and never tries to push you into unnecessary procedures. The restorative work done by Dr. E. has restored my self-esteem and truly improved my life.

Kurt S.

Dr. E is awesome. A first-rate practice, always professional and friendly, and really takes care of his patients. I wouldn’t take my face anywhere else!

Pam H.

Dr. Echavez is fantastic! I was a bit nervous at first about having any cosmetic procedure, but he carefully explained everything and there was no pressure to do it. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. I first did the coolsculpting and was very pleased with the results. I went back to have it done in other areas – all with great results. I also had Dr. Echavez perform blepharoplasty on my droopy eye lids. I was really nervous about that because of the plastic surgery horror stories you hear about. However, when I was checking into the hospital, EVERY one I met at the hospital raved about his careful and professional work. The head nurse said he was everyone’s choice for the blepharoplasty procedure because he is so methodical and careful to achieve a very natural-looking result… just enough but not too much. And, they were correct – he did a wonderful job in making my heavy eye-lids and bags under my eyes look SO MUCH better. People tell me I look 10 years younger now (they don’t know about the blepharosplasty because it doesn’t show at all). Anyway, if you are considering coolsculpting, botox, blepharoplasty or other cosmetic procedures, please check out Dr. Michael Echavez. I’m sure you will be delighted with the results!

Carla T.

I was a former employee of Dr. Echavez as his clinical esthetician. I can sincerely say that, as a 51 yr old female, I have never worked with a kinder, more respectful ‘boss”. He treated me as his equal and was never condescending, like most can be in that position.

I was also a patient of his. I have yet to find a clinic/nurse/doctor that can give me that ‘brow lift’ like Dr. E! I haven’t lived in SF for many years, so it’s difficult for me to get to him, but I can highly recommend this man. Not only is he a very good cosmetic surgeon, he is a decent human being with a stellar character!

Daniel J.

Can’t really say enough good about Dr E – beautiful office of course, but his demenor, expertise and humor makes the visits (and the outcome) among the best in the city.

He gives a great assessment (and an honest one) allowing you voice your opinions and desires, but reflects them with an honest assessment – a great back and forth – and you end up with what you need – very fair pricing………..

There are a lot of choices in the city, but Dr E’s the only one I consider.


I have known Dr. Echavez for many years. Often I see him at fund raisers and other civic events. Never without a smile. When someone is working on your face, you want him to be a happy person. Dr. Echavez totally gets this concept and I felt 100% comfortable with him. He was very easy to get an appointment with and always a pleasure to talk to. I’ll use him again.


This doctor is a leader in Scuptra treatments and came well recommended. Now I can recommend him to others based on my experience.

NS, San Francisco

“Dr. Echavez was highly recommended and it is well merited. Thank you so much for making me look younger. I feel fantastic. I would encourage anyone who is considering having a procedure done, to not be afraid, and come see Dr. Echavez. The experience was pleasant and rewarding. He made me look as young as I feel.”

R.N., San Francisco

“I met with Dr. Echavez in San Francisco and I immediately felt more at ease. He genuinely appeared to be interested in helping people… Dr. Echavez was very generous with his time (I never felt rushed even though I arrived with a clipboard of questions and asked to see photographs of his surgeries). Dr. Echavez explained the pros and cons of the procedures…“

“Well, it has been almost 3 months since my surgery and I couldn’t possibly be happier. Dr. Echavez is a BRILLIANT surgeon. I think of Dr. Echavez as an angel on earth. Having this surgery was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself!”