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Every woman deserves to be beautiful and feel beautiful. Time and stress have a way of wearing away the flawless and glowing skin that you once had. While there are many solutions on the market today that promise you a return to your youthful appearance, most of these solutions do not provide you with the excellent results that you deserve. One product that goes above and beyond the rest is Radiesse. Radiesse is an innovative and advanced solution that fills your skin so the wrinkles and folds disappear. Below is just how using Radiesse can help you attain that youthful glow.

Radiesse Overview

Aging does not need to take away that flawless and beautiful skin that you’ve always had. Radiesse is a proven solution that works to erase those folds and wrinkles that plague your skin. The product has three mechanisms of action. These mechanisms include the injection phase, the immediate volume and correction phase, and the collagen enhancing phase.  Each of these phases works to quickly reduce the fine lines of your skin for wrinkle-free skin. Among all other wrinkle-reducing products on the market, Radiesse is the only product of its kind that leads to immediate and long-lasting results. Radiesse lasts for an entire year, it is FDA approved, and patients are highly satisfied with their choice.

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How It Works Radiesse, San Francisco

As stated above, there are three mechanisms of action. At the injection phase, the filler, which contains Calcium Hydroxylpatite microspheres and an aqueous gel carrier, is injected into the skin and begins replenishing the skin. The immediate volume and correction phase allows the solution to settle into the skin and immediately rids you of wrinkles. The solution also stimulates the skin to produce more collagen for long-lasting results. Finally, the collagen enhancing phase sees the absorption of the gel, which is then metabolized so the body can produce collagen on its own. Over time, Radiesse will continue to work so you can have the flawless results that you started with.

The Advantages of Choosing Radiesse in San Francisco

When you use beauty enhancement products, you want to be sure that you are using the best quality product available. Radiesse is different from other leading dermal fillers  because it keeps your skin flawless for a longer period of time than most leading brands. In addition, patients that have used Radiesse have been extremely satisfied with the product. The procedure is painless and there are no long term side effects. The product is also FDA approved and works on even the most severe wrinkles and folds.

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