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A Unique Dermal Filler ‘Voluma’ for Youthful Looking Fuller Cheeks

Many people enjoy the fact that results look natural which is something not many other cosmetic procedures can do, or results typically don’t last long. With this filler, you’ll get results that last and for those looking for a non-surgical relief from losing fat in the cheeks area due to age, this may just be the right option as opposed to having cheeks implants done.


What is Voluma Treatment Like?

For the most part, the procedure lasts a mere 30 minutes or less and is performed in a doctor office. After your visit, normal activities can be resumed, but exposure to the sun should be avoided as much as possible. The same goes for strenuous activities and alcoholic beverages at least for the first 24 hours. The doctor targets certain areas on the face you want to look younger by injecting this filler below the skins surface to add volume. There is little to no downtime and you can even get the procedure done on your lunch hour at work and be back to work the same day.

However, you may experience some swelling and redness to the injection sites as with any procedure. This can be treated with a little bit of ice. For the most part, you can enjoy results from your treatment for an average of 12 months to 18 months before you need further treatments.  Some patients have even reported seeing results 2 years after their treatment giving this option a well-reputable name for itself.

Experience Non-Surgical Cheek Augmentation with Voluma in SF and Seattle

Restoring your cheeks’s youthful appearance is easily achieved with Voluma in San Francisco. With continuous treatments, you’ll have that youthful appearance, allowing you to visibly reduce and slow down the signs of aging process. Talk to Dr. Echavez to see if Voluma is the right option for you.

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