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Blemish, Scar and Lump Removal in San Francisco: How You Can Have Flawless Skin

Blemishes on the body like scars, moles and lumps can not only cause extreme self-conscious behavior but can also potentially lead to physical problems down the road. With a quick incision and short recovery time cosmetic surgeons can easily remove any mark you desire leaving you to enjoy your blemish free skin forever.

Blemish, Scar & Lump Removal San Francisco

What is Classified as a blemish, scar or lump?

A scar is described as any mark left behind after an injury or a surgery that has not completely faded. Some scars take more effort to remove since they can make up multiple layers of the skin. A lump can be caused by things like genetic disorders, accidents and can even be a post-surgery side effect. They are removed either by laser treatment or excision depending on the type and size. A blemish is any unsightly mark that can be easily removed through facial treatment, laser treatment or excision depending on where it is located, the size of the blemish and how deep it is.

Who is a Good Candidate for Blemish, Scar & Lump Removal San Francisco?

If you have a blemish, scar or lump that is bothering you and instead of having to cover it up all the time you want to just have it removed then you are a good candidate for this procedure. As long as you are a non-smoker and physically healthy with no illnesses that can prevent you from healing correctly. Call us today to schedule your evaluation for scar and blemish removal in San Francisco or Seattle office with Dr. Echavez.


What is the Procedure Like?

The type of procedure performed will be based on the type of scar you have. Keloids are thick clusters of scar tissue that are often red or dark. They are treated by injecting steroid medication directly into the scar tissue which will cause the scar to shrink. Hypertrophic scars are very similar to keloids but can usually improve on their own. Facial scars are easily corrected by simply cutting them out and close them with tiny stitches that are less noticeable than the original scar.

Once the procedure is done bandages will be applied to the treated area that are designed to help with the healing process and prevent any damage from being able to be done. Any additional information you need will be given to you by your doctor along with any medications you may need to take that can help speed up the healing phase as well as stop any infections from developing.

What are the Risks or Potential Complications?

Normally a safe procedure blemish, scar or lump removal like other procedures always has a risk of suffering complications. Some risks may include infection, bleeding, or a negative reaction to any anesthesia used. Reduce the chance for complications by picking a surgeon that is highly qualified and follow their advice for how to prep for surgery and what they recommend for post-op care.

Scars no matter how they are received, whether through accident or surgery, can be very unpredictable since their development depends on the way your body heals as well as how you received it. While scars can never be completely erased, plastic surgeons can greatly improve their appearance.

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