Juvederm in San Francisco

There are many types of injectables that can be used to combat wrinkles and fine lines around the face. For those that are not comfortable with using Botox, Juvederm poses as a great alternative. There are many doctors out there that can perform this procedure, but anyone who wants the procedure done effectively should consult Dr. Echavez, a facial plastic surgein, who is capable in many facial procedures, and one of his specialties is administering Juvederm in San Francisco. Juvederm will help you fight those unsightly wrinkles and fine lines so that you look renewed, refreshed, and youthful again.

Why Choose Dr. Echavez

Choosing the right medical professional can determine how well your procedure turns out. When it comes to juvederm, you want to choose a professional that has experience in the field and has had many pleased clients. Dr. Echavez has been administering Juvederm in San Francisco for years. To ensure the most effective results, Dr. Echavez will work with you to determine which areas of your face you would like treated. For many, the most common areas include around the mouth, the eyes, and the span of the forehead. Treating these areas can significantly reduce the appearance of the fine lines almost right away.

The Juvederm Formula

When choosing Juvederm, another reassuring factor is the formula itself. Juvederm is a specific formula comprised of hyaluronic acid. It is FDA approved for the use of cosmetic injections. The procedure itself is minimally-invasive and simply entails injecting the clear gel into areas of the face that you are most concerned about. Once the gel-like formula is administered, it reduces facial lines by working in conjunction with your body’s own acid that stimulates the production of collagen. The great thing about using juvederm is that the formula is long lasting and it can also treat even some of the most severe folds in the skin.

A Beautiful You

Before and after the administration of Juvederm, Dr. Echavez will make you aware of the process and expected results so you can make the necessary considerations. His aesthetic ability can help you cultivate the appearance that you have always wanted. Once Juvederm is administered, you may be called in for additional follow up and to review how the injection has progressed. During your visit, our helpful staff and the doctor are with you every step of the way. The comfort of the patient is our important priority.

If you are considering juvederm in San Francisco, then Dr. Echavez is the ideal choice. His experience in the field, aesthetic abilities, cooperation, and professionalism make him one of the best professionals to turn to when considering juvederm injections. After treatment, you’ll love the new smooth and youthful looking skin as a result of the procedure. In addition, you can like the fact that the results last up to one year.