Sculptra Promotions for March

Biggest discount on Sculptra

Two options for savings on Sculptra.

Option 1: Buy now, use now. 50% off a vial of Sculptra.

Option 2: Buy now, use later. Buy 1 vial of Sculptra at the regular price and get a second vial for half off.

See below for details on each offer.

Details on promotions.

For the “buy now, use now” 50% off per vial promotion: One or more vials can be purchased but all vials must be used at the same office visit and during the month of March, 2020.
For the “buy now, use later” promotion: The purchase of the 1 vial at regular price and the second vial at 50% off must be made in March, 2020 but both vials do not need to be used at the same visit and treatments may be performed after March, 2020.

These promotions cannot be applied to Sculptra treatments done through the Sculptra patient access program or treatments billed to insurance.

These offers cannot be combined.